How to import data from Snowflake with ODBC


ODBC Driver

First, you need to download and install the ODBC driver from Snowflake website.

For Installation and configuraiton, please follow the below instruction provided by Snowflake.

Once the ODBC driver is installed, create a new Data Source Name (DSN) for Snowflake by following the Step 2: Configure the ODBC Driver on the above isntruction.

Make sure to set Warhouse and Database on your DSN like below.

ODBC Data Connection

From the menu right next to project name, select the Data Connections.

Click the Add button.

Select the ODBC Connection.

Test Connection by clicking the Test Connection and click the Add button once the testing went well.

ODBC Data Source

Click plus button next to Data Frames and select Database Data.

Select the ODBC Data Source.

Select the Snowflake connection you careted at ODBC Data Connection section.

Write a SQL query and click the Run button see preview the result. If the preview looks ok, click the Save button and save it as a data frame.