When you import an EDF file from your on-premise collaboration server or from Exploratory Cloud (exploratory.io), you may see the error which says

Error: Connection ABC-database (id:05aab8889257) not found

This happens because import EDF tries to use database connection and you don’t have it on your Exploratory Desktop. Below is the step to workaround this issue.

Create a database connection

For example, If the conneciton is for Amazon Redshift, then you can create a Redshift connection by following this document.

Update Connection file

Open Terminal App and find the newly created connection.

 $ cd ~/.exploratory/connections
 $ grep Redshift  *.json

And you’ll find the json file name for the newly created connection.

UNU6UIe7.json:    "name": "Redshift-gamma",

Rename the json file to <ID>.json

ID is the one you see in the error message. So in this example, 05aab8889257 is the ID that you need to use for the conneciton file.

$ mv UNU6UIe7.json 05aab8889257.json

Edit JSON file update ID

open the JSON file with text editor and change

 "id": "UNU6UIe7"


 "id": "05aab8889257"

and Save It.

Restart Exploratory Desktop.

Then you should be able to update/refresh data frames, charts, notes, dashboards on the EDF that you imported.