Creating R environment where R script from Exploratory can run

R script exported from Exploratory runs as is on the same machine as the Exploratory is installed.

But you may want to run the script exported from Exploratory on some other machine, for example, for making use of more resource like larger memory or more computing power.

Scripts exported from Exploratory just assumes that there are certain set of R packages installed in the environment. So, you can create an R environment where you can run exported scripts just by installing the same set of R packages Exploratory makes use of.

For Windows and Mac, you can do this just by zipping up the libPaths directory Exploratory is using, and copying it to the other machine. Here is how it can be done on Windows.

On the machine Exploratory is installed, compress .exploratory/R/3.4 directory under your home directory.

Then, copy the zip file to the machine on which you want to run the exported script on, and unzip it. Now, you should be able to run the exported R script, with a few modifications.

  1. The directory specified in .libPath() function needs to be modified to point to the directory you unzipped the R packages.
  2. If the data source is local file, you need to copy that too and modify the file path in the script to point it.

Here is screenshot of running R script from Exploratory in this way on RStudio.