Backup, Restore, and Migration of Collaboration Server

What Needs to be Backed Up

The directory you expanded the tar.gz file would look somthing like this.

The data that needs to get backed up are the following 2 directories.

  • data - This directory has data for MongoDB that manages user accounts and other metadata for Collaboration Server.
  • users - This directory has contents that are uploaded by users.

How to Back Up

To backup, shutdown Collaboration Server, and copy the above 2 directories to your storage for backup.

How to Restore from Backup

To restore from backup, while Collaboration Server is shutdown, replace the above 2 directories with the backup, and then start Collaboration Server.

How to Migrate across Servers

To migrate an installation of Collaboration Server from a machine to another machine, follow the instruction below.

  • Obtain a backup at the original server.
  • Expand the distribution file at the destination server.
  • Modify the exploratory_config.yml file in the ‘exploratory’ directory created by expanding the distribution file, as explained in the Installation Guide
  • Run under the ‘exploratory’ directory.
  • Copy over the content of ‘data’ directory and ‘user’ directory from the backup.
  • Start the Collaboration Server at the destination server.
  • Verify that the status of user accounts and the published contents are the same as the ones at the original server.