This is a guide for those who already have Exploratory Collaboration Server to upgrade it to the latest version 5.0.

Download New Docker Images File

Download the new docker images file from here.

Load Docker Images

Run the following command to load the downloaded docker images file.

docker load -i exploratory-collab-images-

Stop Existing Collaboration Server

Go to your existing exploratory directory and stop the Collaboration Server.

cd exploratory
docker-compose down

Update Docker Image Versions in docker-compose.yml

Update docker image versions at the following 3 locations in docker-compose.yml file.

    image: exploratory:
    image: scheduler:
    image: r-exploratory:

Add license key to docker-compose.yml

If you have a license key, add it to docker-compose.yml file. Around line 22, add a line that looks like the last line in the following example, if it is not there yet. Here in this example, xxxxxxxxxx is the license key.

    image: exploratory:
      - EXPL_CRYPTOKEY=secretkey
      - EXPL_LICENSEKEY=xxxxxxxxxx

Restart Collaboration Server

Restart Collaboration Server with the following command from under your exploratory folder.

docker-compose up -d

Now, your Collaboration Server is up with the latest version!