Specifying When to Forecast (Future Table) to Propet

With Time Series Forecasting Analytics View, you can specify the length of forecasting period.

But sometimes you may want to specify when to make forecast in more detailed way. For example, you might want to make forecast only on weekdays. Or you may want to make forecast on some specific days in the past that you didn’t get to measure the data.

Prophet algorithm has an input called Future Table, that can be used to specify when to make forecast in the cases like that. Exploratory’s Analytics View right now does not have property for it, but with Analytics Step, you can specify Future Table.

Let’s say you want to make forecasts only on weekdays.

Create a Data Frame with only weekday dates. The column name has to be ds.

In the Time Series Forecast step dialog, specify the name of the above data frame as Trend Upper Limit Value or Data Frame.

Here we were able to make forecasts only on the weekdays. Weekend dates are skipped over by straight lines in the following Line Chart.