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California Weather Analysis Report

I have extracted the weather data for the following Californian cities from Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) stations through the Iowa Environment Mesonet website and quickly analyzed their temparature trends. 

Comparing temperature trends among the cities

We can see that Half Moon Bay's temperatures are colder than any other cities in most of the times. 

Correlations among the cities

Based on the above daily trend, I have calculated the correlations among the cities. As you can see, San Francisco and San Jose pair has the highest correlation, 0.90. 

The chart below helps us find the most correlated cities for each city. For example, we can observe that San Jose, Los Angels, and Novato are the three cities that have higher correlations to San Francisco. 

Comparing the temperature trend by hour and month

As you can see Los Angel's temperatures are usually hotter than other Bay Area cities. However, during the Spring and Summer seasons, some cities like Novato and San Jose are actually hotter in the afternoon than Los Angels.