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Similarties among the United Nations Countries

Based on the almost 70 years of the United Nations' all member countries voting records available from 1945 to 2014, I have run a quick similarty analysis to find out which countries are closed to one another. 

How has United States been voting

Here, I'm showing the the percentage of each voting type listed below for United States on the time series ranging from 1945 to 2013. 

Distances of all the combinations of two countries

I have calculated the distance using 'dist' function based on the voting records, and visualize the values for every single pair of the countries. As you can see there are two countries with red color bands. These are United States and Israel, and this indicates that they are very far from most of the other countries. 

Similarities among the countries in two dimensional space

Now, instead of showing the distance between a set of two countries, I have transformed the distance values to 'positions' in a cartesian coordinate (X and Y scale). Here, we we can see all the countries are laid out in a two dimensional space. I have filtered out the data to only the years under Obama administration and re-calculated the distances. Yu can see that United States and Israel are closely together, though they are far from all the other countries.  

Similarities under Nixon administration

We can compare to other US administrations such as Nixon. You can see below that US was not necessary distant from all the other countries around this time.