How to get Day of Week Names from Date data

Sometimes, you want to get the Day of Week names such as Sunday or Monday out of Date data.

For example, suppose you have an airline flight data. Each row represents a flight. It has a Date column for flight dates (FL_DATE). And you want to know the Day of Week names from the flight dates because you want to see the trend by the Day of Week names.

Here is how. First, you can click the column header menu of FL_DATE, choose Extract and Day of Week - Short Name (Mon-Sun).

Then, it opens up the dialog. You can just click Run button.

It will create a new column FL_DATE_wday with the Day of Week Names.

If you are using a chart, you don’t even have to create a new column like above. For example, if you want to show the bars by Day of Week Names, you can assign FL_DATE to X Axis, and choose Day of Week - Short Name (Mon-Sun) from the function list.