Data Source

This post explains a way to access Treasure Data from Exploratory
ExploatoryデスクトップからTreasure Dataに接続してデータを取得する方法を説明します。
This document explains How to access MySQL through ssh tunnel
Troubleshooting around Data Source Extension
In this post, you will learn how to:

1. Install BIS Package
2. Write R Script with BIS Package to Download Data
3. Clean Up Data to Convert Text to Date
4. Visualize Data
5. Categorize Numeric Values / Create Bins
6. Handle Missing Values in Chart
This blog post explains an workaround for the issue that that scheduled Amazon Athena Data Source ends up with empty result
This blog post explains how you can upload large JSON file to Dremio and query it from Exploratory and do Advanced Analysis and visualization.
You will find how to get companies' historical stock prices in Exploratory.
In this blog post, we explain a way to connect to Amazon Athena with Exploratory using ODBC Data Source
In this blog post, we explain a way to connect to Amazon Athena with Exploratory using ODBC with R Script
This blog explains how to setup a default timezone for query result for timestamp column.
Exploratory DesktopでSQLiteにRSQLiteで接続し、R Scriptの中でdplyrを使ってクエリーする方法を説明しています。
ExploratoryからGoogle BigQueryに接続し、データをインポートし、データの可視化、アドバンスな分析をするために、必要なGoogle Cloud Platform側の設定、Exploratoryでの設定を説明した記事です。
This blog explains how to install Dremio and ODBC driver on your local machine and accesss data from Exploratory.
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