Categorizing Nummbers, Conditional Limit, New Summarize/Rename UIs, Training/Test Data Split, Power Analysis Prophet Updates, & more!
This post explains how to workaround the issue that your user profile file is broken and cannot open projects.
This post explains a way to access Treasure Data from Exploratory
This blog post explains known issues and workarounds for the issue related to SQL query to import data from Databases
This post explains a way to export your Boxplot stats number as Excel / CSV.
Exploratoryデスクトップをインストール / 起動時にnw.jsとだけ表示されてアプリが起動できないときの対応方法をWindowsとMacそれぞれについて説明します。
This post explains how to add comment to your Charts and Analytics and include them on Note and Slide.
This post explains a way to perform One-Hot Encoding for Categorical Columns
This post explains how to merge multiple data frames into single data frame.
It explains how to replace existing column values with new values
This blog post explains how to extract a range of text from using positin.
Finding locaitons from logitude/latitude data using boundary data with GeoJSON
ExploatoryデスクトップからTreasure Dataに接続してデータを取得する方法を説明します。
This blog post explains a way to shutdown not responding RServe to fix an issue that Exploratory does not startup or cannot open project correctly.
This blog explains a way to create a new column based on existing column and conditions.
This note explains Markdown Syntax for writing a note with Exploratory
This note explains three Repository Switch cases. First is the case where you create a completely new repository. Second case is where you copy an existing repository to new location. Thrid case is migrating to another PC.
Explains How to Check Whether the Value is NA or Not.
This post explains how to setup Systen Encoding for Exploratory Desktop on Windows
This document explains How to access MySQL through ssh tunnel
This document explains how to setup Web Proxy on your Exploratory Desktop
This blog explains how to create a Linear Regression Model as a step then predict with new data.
Learn what's new in Exploratory v5.0! New UI & Design, new data wrangling UIs, Decision Tree, Market Basket Analysis, K-Means Clustering, Chart Pinning, and more!
It explains how to create a decision tree with the Decision Tree Analytics view feature in Exploratory.
Explaning how to create a Word Cloud with Exploratory's Chart feature.
This blog post explains how to upgrade your Exploratory Desktop to Newer Version.
Finding locations from longitude/latitude data by using Google Maps APIs.
This note explains a way to convert your numeric values to scientific notation and creae a new column with it.
阿部首相に関するTwitterのデータから、テキストマイニングしてワードクラウド を作成するまでを説明したブログです。
この記事では、Google BigQueryとの連携における既知の問題とその回避策を説明します。
Date / Time Aggregation
Aggregation Methods
Multiple Lines by Color
Multiple Lines by Multiple Columns
Multiple Charts by Category (Subplot)
Trend Line
Reference Line
Window Calculation Methods
Missing Values Handling
ExploraoryデスクトップでGoogle SheetやGoogle Analyticsなどの、OAuthのコネクションを作る際のトラブルシューティングガイドです。
Introducing how to transform the Long data to the Wide data with Spread Command.
Exploratory v5.0の新機能の紹介です。新しいUIデザインとエクスペリエンス、データラングリングの新しいUI、チャートのピン機能、マーケットバスケット、決定木、K-Meansクラスタリング、ダッシュボードなどです。
In this post, you will learn how to:

1. Install BIS Package
2. Write R Script with BIS Package to Download Data
3. Clean Up Data to Convert Text to Date
4. Visualize Data
5. Categorize Numeric Values / Create Bins
6. Handle Missing Values in Chart
Separate to Columns, Country Mapping with countrycode function, Unite Multiple Columns, Recode Country Names, Fixing Title name with if_else function, Visualizing Map with LInes, etc.
This post explains known issues around Google BigQuery integration and explains workarounds for them.
This post explains a way to move a project from one machine to another machine.
This post introduces you how to use K-Means Clustering feature under Analytics view to gain more insights from the clustering result. You can find the relationships among the categories and among the variables with various charts that are automatically generated under Analytics view.
Learn how you can find the time zone used for your data and how to convert and fix the time zone.
An blog that explains how to create a Dashboard with Exploratory Desktop.
This document explains how you can re-link database connection information on imported EDF.
You will learn all the things you can do with Note in Exploratory.
You can draw circles (either filled or just line) for each color group by selecting 'Circle' or 'Filled Circle' in Color By property. This is useful when you want to show the relationships among the groups that are assigned to Color.
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