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It’s Kan from Exploratory. Hope this email finds you well.

It’s been only 29 days since 2018 started, but I feel like there has been a lot happened already. The biggest thing so far is, of course, the release of Exploratory v4.2. If you haven’t heard yet, here’s our announcement blog post.

The next big thing is our first Data Science Booster training we provided two weeks ago via online. It was a lot of fun and amazing experience to have met such wonderful group of people who were from many different parts of the world but all shared their passion towards data!

If you are interested in learning Data Science with R without programming or taking more values out of Exploratory, we have scheduled our next live online Booster training in March. The early bird discount will end in a few days, so sign up today!

Now, let’s start this week’s updates!

What We Are Reading

How To Identify A SaaS Market That Machine Learning Will Disrupt - Link

Most of the SaaS products end up using Machine Learning / AI for reducing costs by automating existing work flows, rather than increasing revenues, which would require not only AI as a smart brain but also human as a creative brain.

What’s the difference between data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence? - Link

This is one of the most asked questions at our data science trainings. Still today, many people including data scientists are trying to answer this question in many different ways. A data scientist hero David Robinson at Stack Overflow is clarifying this by separating them based on the motivation for each category rather than talking about the technical differences.

Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating Slack - Link

Being a heavy Slack user, I can only imagine they have a lot of business communication data to sit on and there are a lot you can do with it if you are data scientists. The question is when they will become evil? ;)

Microsoft drops plans to integrate Cortana with Dynamics 365 - Link

Ah ok. Beginning of the end of Chat Bot hype.


  • 70 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know - Link
  • AI and Deep Learning in 2017 – A Year in Review - Link
  • Why early stage B2B companies should not use churn as a leading metric - Link
  • arulesViz: Interactive Visualization of Association Rules with R - Link
  • A Zero-Math Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods - Link
  • Get insights of Instacart Market Basket - Link

What We Are Writing

Exploratory v4.2 Released! - Link

If you are Exploratory user and haven’t seen yet, I’d strongly recommend you give it a shot. There are a lot of useful new features like Dashboard, Logistic Regression and PCA with Analytics View, Pie chart, Bubble chart, Show Details on Chart, Reference Line, Mutate for Multiple Columns, just to name a few.

Interesting Data

Climate Change Impact on World Food Supply - Link

The data about projected country and regional changes in grain crop yields such as wheat, rice, coarse grains (barley and maize), and protein feed (soybean), due to global climate change is provided by NASA.

Studio Ghibli Movie Data - Link

Some fans has built API about the movies from Studio Ghibli, known as a producer for movies like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away. The source code for the API is published at this Github repository and the entire data can be directly downloaded as JSON file, which can be imported into Exploratory Desktop. You should try it!

Introduced by ‘Data is Plural’.

What Are We Working On?

We have started working on the development of Exploratory’s next release v4.3. The main theme is Statistics and we will be making this part of the product more robust and easier to use. And of course, we’ll be enhancing other areas, too. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion, now is the good time!

Data Science Booster Training

As mentioned at the beginning, we have scheduled March Booster Training class to get your data analysis skills to the next level by exposing you to the powerful Data Science methods ranging from Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Visualization, and Data Wrangling. Visit our Booster Training home page for more details.

Enroll March Booster Training!

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