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Machine Learning vs. Statistics, How is America preparing for the future of work?, Top-down approach for learning Machine Learning, etc.
Big changes behind the scenes in R 3.5.0, What is a Successful Data Analysis?, Machine Learning for Product Managers, and more!
AI Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet, Netflix's Customer Science, Collaboration between tidyverse and Pandas, etc.
4 ways AI can manipulate us, Future of work, 4 years of data science manager, and more!
A guide to statistics in a misleading age, Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs, etc.
Importance of Interpretability of ML, Data Driven Culture, Statistics vs. ML, and more.
 What AI Can / Can’t Do, 'Translator' - Emerging Role in Data Science, China moves forward while US stumbles in AI, etc.
How To Identify A SaaS Market That Machine Learning Will Disrupt, Difference between Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, etc.
Amazon's AI Transformation, Why Data Science projects fail, Data Scientists as No.1 Job 3 Years in Row, etc.
4 predictions for the future of work, Ten Year Futures by Benedict Evans, Why is Google opening office in China? AI Talent?, China's AI Awakening, Hedge Fund Founder and Amazon Researcher Build a Better AI Stock Picker
Stakeholder Drive Data Science by Warby Parker, Interleaving A/B Test by Netflix, Data Analytics Impacts Report by McKinsey, Least Disliked Language R by Stack Overflow.
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