“People typically try to prove that they have the answer even when they don’t.’” 

by Ray Dalio, Co-chairman/Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater

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It’s Kan from Exploratory.

We have just had another webinar yesterday about Time Series Forecasting with Prophet algorithm. Thanks to those who joined!

The next session will be on Tuesday, Dec. 12th, I’ll be introducing Anomaly Detection with Time Series Data. Take a look at our online seminar page for more details.

Also, our next Data Science Booster training program will be in February. If you’re interested, make sure to sign up soon while there is an early bird discount!

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Now, here’s this week’s update!

What We Are Reading

AI adoption advances, but foundational barriers remain - Link

A report from McKinsey based on interviewing 2,135 people from organizations worldwide finding that companies that are more successful for adopting AI tend to emphasize on building AI capabilities in-house and train their own people rather than just simply depending on sourcing from outside. Also, the companies who have been riding on the digital transformation tend to be better at riding AI wave as well.

From Data to Action With Airbnb Plus - Link

A great summary of what makes good and actionable KPIs by Gabriel Siqueira at AirBnb..

What is machine learning? - Link

A great summary of what is is and how it used at high level from Karen Hao at Technology Review. It’s handy for passing out when asked.

Where does the U.S. Government Keep its Data? - Link

The US government collects and produce tons of useful data about the people, economy, natural resources, and infrastructure of the United States, but the problem is, hard to find them! I thought the data.gov was going to solve this, but it doesn’t seem like it.

This is why Sam Tyner has compiled a list of useful data from the government!

One of the fathers of AI is worried about its future - Link

Yoshua Bengio is one of the fathers of the modern AI - Deep Learning and only one decided to stay in academia, instead of going to Silicon Valley tech companies.

“Yes, it’s another reason why we need to have more democracy in AI research. It’s that AI research by itself will tend to lead to concentrations of power, money, and researchers. The best students want to go to the best companies. They have much more money, they have much more data. And this is not healthy. Even in a democracy, it’s dangerous to have too much power concentrated in a few hands.”

What We Are Writing

We have written the following post recently!

From Community

Ken Cherven, a Detroit-based enthusiast of both craft beer and data visualization, has written the following two posts, great easy-to-read craft beer data analysis using Exploratory. It’s pretty fun to read.

If you happen to have written or found any blog posts with Exploratory, let me know!

What We Are Working On

Parameter Support

Finally, this is almost there!

With this, you can make your SQL query or any data wrangling steps more dynamic based on the user inputs from Dashboard, Notes, Charts, etc. Yes, you can parameterize them!

In the above example, I’m selecting ‘AA (American Airline)’, ‘UA (United Airline)’, and ‘WA(South West)’ for Carrier and setting the arrival delay time threshold to 20 minutes so that I can see only the flights that meet the criteria.

And you will be able to create various types of parameters in the configuration dialog.

We have been working on this for a quite some time. It’s a pretty exciting feature, but boy is this hard! There are a lot of moving parts to make this happen, especially around the reproducibility and the scalability support. But we are targeting to release in the next two weeks or so, stay tuned!

Exploratory Online Seminar

We had a great session yesterday, the recording can be found on our Online Seminar page.

The next session will be on Dec. 11th (Tue). I’ll be introducing Time Series Anomaly Detection algorithm!

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Data Science Booster Training

Our next online Data Science Booster training will be in February 2019! If you are interested in learning Data Science without programming, make sure to sign up soon! There are an early bird and a student discount!

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That’s it for this week.

Have a wonderful week!

Kan CEO/Exploratory

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