Data Science without Programming. Powered by R.
Explore your data by transforming, visualizing, and modeling. Share your insights and collaborate with your team.

Extract from variety of data sources

You can quickly extract data from various data sources such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Presto, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet, Twitter, Web Page Scraping, CSV, Excel, JSON, Statistical files, R script, and much more. 

Explore by Wrangling

There are hundreds of pre-packaged R functions you can use inside the grammar based commands (dplyr) to transform data the way you want.

Explore with Visualization

Exploratory data visualization makes it easy to inspect and understand your data quickly. You can share your insights with the interactive chart through URL, Slack, Medium, Wordpress, Websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Explore with Algorithms

Being able to easily employ variety of algorithms available in R like Clustering, Classification, Regression, Association Rules, Correlations, Similarity, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Text Sentiment Analysis, etc, helps you quickly find more insights that matter to your business.

Collaboratively Explore Data

You can easily share your data and charts with data exploration steps, which makes it easy to reproduce and collaborate with others to explore data together and gain better insights. 

Extend with R

Access to more than 9,000 R packages available on CRAN or write your own R functions to extend what you can do with Exploratory.