The Third Wave
Data Science is not just for Engineers and Statisticians. Exploratory makes it for Everyone who is interested in data.
Democratize Data Science
We started Exploratory Spring, 2016 to democratize Data Science. Democratizing Data Science can make it possible for anyone to collect their own data, analyze it for themselves, and use insights from the data to help them make better decisions. We think this is the most critical ingredient for making a better world.
In order to democratize Data Science, we are building tools and platforms to make it easier to access various data sources, clean and transform data, visualize data, analyze data, and communicate insights from data with simple and modern UI and experience.
We also provide training classes and seminars to share and spread Data Science knowledge and skills around the world.
Company Information
Company Name
Exploratory, Inc.
Kan Nishida
March 2016
47 Woodside Ln
Mill Valley, California, USA