Making Data Science More Accessible and Collaborative
We are always passionate about building awesome products to make it easier for anyone to understand the world better through data. Prior to start Exploratory, we have built various products together at Oracle ranging from BI and Reporting to Machine Learning and Analytics. With Exploratory, our goal is to democratize Data Science by making it more accessible and collaborative. We are based in Bay Area, California, US.
Kan Nishida
Co-Founder, CEO
Passionate about analyzing data.
Hide Hayashi
Co-Founder, CTO
The Karate master.
Kei Saito
Co-Founder, Engineer
Full time programmer, part time hockey/bass player.
Hide Kojima
Co-Founder, Engineer
Front-end Jedi, rstats Padawan.
Ikuya Murasato
Business Development
The ultimate marketing monster.
Takato Shiroto
Customer Success
Ramen enthusiast.