Survey Data Analysis
With Exploratory, you can quickly and flexibly transform your survey data, visualize it in various ways, analyze it with various statistical and machine learning methods. This means you can extract useful insights from your data effectively and make better decisions to improve your business, products, and services.
Summarize Answers
By importing your survey data, Exploratory automatically generates statistics and charts to help you instantly understand how your audience are answering the questions.
Visualize Data
With Exploratory’s rich and wide range of Chart features, you can easily visualize your survey data in various ways to discover deep insights about your audience.
Data Wrangling
In Data Science world, it’s often said that 80% of data analysis time is spent on data wrangling. The survey data is not an exception.
With Exploratory’s simple UI, which is designed specifically for performing data wrangling effectively, you can transform wide data to long data, clean up text data, merge with other data sets, etc. to quickly prepare your data for visualization and analysis.
Wide to Long Data
Conditional Value Assignment
Column Header Menu
Text Data Wrangling
Confidence Interval
One of the common problems looking at the survey answers is that sometimes it is not clear if the difference among multiple groups’ scores is significant or not.
With Exploratory, you can quickly visualize such differences with confidence intervals to see if the difference is significant or marginal.
Correlation Analysis
With Exploratory, you can discover patterns in the survey data by investigating the relationship among the questions based on how your customers answer.
Also, you can investigate the relationship between a metric of your interest and all the questions to find useful insights to accomplish your goals.
Factor Analysis
You can investigate which questions are similar to one another based on how they answer the questions to design your survey questions effectively.
By using these insights, you can understand the characteristics of your customers better.
With Exploratory, You can run a Clustering analysis to segment your customers based on how they answer the survey questions and visually understand the characteristics of each segment.
Text Analysis
With Exploratory, you can quickly visualize and analyze free form answer text and see what words are more frequently used, how the words are used together, how they are related to customer attributes.
NPS survey is a great way to understand how much your customers love your product or service.
With Exploratory’s simple and intuitive UI, not only you can easily summarize the promoter and the detractor ratios and calculate NPS, but also you can automate such calculations and generation of reports so that you can monitor NPS periodically.