Create Dashboard in Minutes,
then Share & Automate!
You can create your Dashboards quickly and flexibly with Exploratory. Once you have created one, make them interactive with parameters, share them others securely, and schedule them to update the Dashboard with the latest data automatically.
Various Types of Contents
You can quickly add various types of contents like Charts, Analytics, Numbers, Text, Images, etc. into one single Dashboard.
Multiple Data Sources
You can add charts, analytics, and numbers with various data sources in the same Dashboard. They can be completely separate data sets or merged data sets.
Exploratory automatically identifies the most optimized way to query all the data necessary to generate Dashboard with the latest data from various data sources.
Flexible Layout Design
You can quickly design the Dashboard layout by drag and drop and flexibly position the charts with Column, Row, and Number layouts.
Row Layout
Column Layout
Parameterize Dashboard!
Parameters are automatically added to your Dashboard when you add the charts that use the parameters to generate the underlying data. With parameters, you can provide an interactive experience to those whom you share your Dashboards with.
Interact with Dashboard
Your Dashboard audience can click the points of interest such as chart bars, table cells, etc. inside the Dashboard to see the detail data and download the data.
Data Wrangling for Dashboard
A majority of time for creating Dashboards is spent on Data Wrangling such as cleaning, transforming, creating calculations, etc.
Exploratory's 'Step' based UI experience makes it easy to perform any Data Wrangling tasks in a reproducible way so that you can dramatically reduce the time for building Dashboards and spend more time on discovering new insights.
Easy access to various Data Wrangling operations
Visually tracing back & see how the columns were created
Share with Others
You can publish your dashboards to Exploratory Server and invite others to view them in a secure way.
Those you invite can create free Exploratory accounts and login to open your Dashboards in web browsers without an extra cost.
Securely Share
Send an Invitation Email
No Cost for Viewing & Interacting with Dashboard
You can invite others and they can create free Exploratory accounts to login and open your Dashboards in web browsers securely without an extra cost.
Schedule to Automate
You can schedule your Dashboards so that each of your Dashboards automatically extracts the data from their sources, runs the data wrangling steps to transform the data, and regenerates all the charts inside the Dashboard at the scheduled time.
Subscribe Dashboard
You and team members can subscribe your Dashboards so that you will receive emails with the latest screenshot of the Dashboard every time the Dashboard is updated at Exploratory Server.
Subscribe Dashboards
Receive Notification Emails
You can create your own teams and add members to each team.
Instead of sharing with each member, you can share Dashboards with teams to make it easier to manage who has access to which Dashboards.
By publishing projects to Exploratory Server as a Team, you can create, update, and manage your team's Dashboard collaboratively.