Download sample GeoJSON files & data and see what is possible with Exploratory!
World Map
The world map with countries
US States
United States map with states
US Counties
United States map with counties
US Counties - NY Times - COVID-19
United States map with counties for NY Times COVID-19 data.
California Counties
California map with counties
US Cities
United States map with cities
Canada Province
Canada map with provinces
Canada Census Divisions
Canada map with census divisions
Japan Prefectures
Japan map with prefectures
Japan Cities
Japan map with cities
UK Countries
UK map with countries
UK Local Administrative Areas
UK map with local administrative areas
Australia States
Australia map with states
Australia Local Government Areas
Australia map with local government areas
New Zealand Regions
New Zealand map with regions
New Zealand Territories
New Zealand map with territories
Mexico States
Mexico map with states
Mexico Municipalities
Mexico map with municipalities
Brazil Regions
Brazil map with regions
Brazil States
Brazil map with states
Brazil Municipalities
Brazil map with municipalities
Switzerlang Zip Code
BSwitzerlang Zip Code map