SaaS / Subscription
Business Data Analysis
With Exploratory's simple UI, you can quickly calculate your business KPIs and monitor them with Dashboard, visualize user engagement, and analyze how and why your customers have converted or churned.
Exploratory's rich and flexible data wrangling features make it possible to define and calculate various types of business KPIs that are needed for SaaS / Subscription businesses. By using Dashboards, you can automate the regeneration of dashboards with the latest data so that you can monitor the health of your business effectively with your team.
User Engagement
User engagement is one of the most important leading indicators for conversion and churn. With Exploratory's simple and intuitive Data Wrangling UI, you can transform any type of your raw data and calculate the engagement metrics the way you like and quickly visualize them.
Data Visualization
In Exploratory, data wrangling and data visualization are seamlessly integrated. This makes it easy to prepare data and chart necessary for visualizing Layer Cake chart to monitor the efficiency of your business growth.
Confidence Interval
Confidence intervals help you make data informed decisions.
In Exploratory, you can quickly visualize the confidence interval and see the differences of metrics like conversion rate, churn rate, etc. among segments, channels, and so on are significant or marginal.
Correlation Analysis
Summary View's Correlation Model can help you find what customer attributes and usage metrics that are highly correlated to the conversion and the churn by visualizing the relationships along with correlation scores.
Multivariate Analysis
Correlation is not Causation.
You can build statistical learning models with a few clicks to perform multivariate analysis that is necessary to investigate and build hypotheses around causal relationships.
Variable Importance
Effects by Variable
Prediction Models
With Exploratory's simple UI, you can not only build prediction models with Machine Learning & Statistical Learning models quickly, but also automate the whole process of sourcing the latest data, transforming the data, building the models, and scoring your lead and existing customers.
Cohort Analysis
The meaning of churn is different depending on how long it takes for a given churn to occur.
In Exploratory, you can quickly perform Cohort Analysis by drawing 'survival curves' by various groups and discover where the problem is in order to reduce churns.
Survival Models
In order to investigate and build hypotheses around causal relationships about churns, you need multivariate analysis specific to customer retention curves.
With Exploratory, you can quickly build statistical survival learning models like Cox Regression and understand what are related to churns intuitively and deeply with automatically generated charts.
Customer Lifetime Value
Especially for SaaS / Subscription Businesses, understanding Customer Lifetime Value of your business is essential in order to understand how much you can spend to acquire and maintain customers and manage your business growth better.
With Exploratory, you can quickly generate retention curves and calculate Customer Lifetime Value quantitatively based on the curves.
In order to evaluate your product's 'product-market-fit', it's important to measure how much your customers love your product accurately. This is where NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey comes in.
With Exploratory's simple and intuitive UI, you can not only summarize promoter and detractor ratios and calculate the NPS quickly, but also automate the calculation process so that you can monitor your NPS periodically without any manual work.