Exploratory Collaboration Server
With Exploratory Collaboration Server, you can publish to share your Dashboards, Notes, Charts, and Data with others, schedule to make them always up-to-date, and interact with them with the flexible parameters at your own servers in a more controlled environment with greater flexibility.
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Insight Repository
Your team members can publish your Dashboards, Notes, Charts, and Data to the centralized knowledge repository so that others can easily find the works that have already been done by someone on your team by using Tag, User Profile Page, Ranking, etc.
You can share Dashboards, Notes, Charts, and Data privately so that only the people you shared with can access them or share publicly so that anybody in your organization can access them.
And, there is no additional cost for those who just want to view the published contents!
You can schedule to update your data inside Dashboards, Notes, Charts automatically so that your insights are always up-to-date.
Monitor & Manage Scheduled Jobs
You can monitor and manage the scheduled jobs from a simple UI.
Interact with Super Parameters
You or your team members can interact with your Dashboard, Notes, and Charts with Super Parameters in the Interactive mode.
Super Parameter is not just for filtering data. It gives you a super capability you need to make your data and analytics truly interactive by updating SQL or Mongo queries, custom R scripts, data wrangling steps such as calculations, aggregation, etc., Analytics parameters, and more.
User Management
Exploratory Collaboration Server provides the familiar simple and quick user activation workflow experience. You can manage your own users to meet your team’s needs.