Exploratory Server
By publishing to Exploratory Server, you can share your insights and data you have created with Exploratory Desktop with others, automate the data update, have others interact with them in the web browser, and more!
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Create Insights with Exploratory
Once you import data, you can quickly clean & transform the data, visualize & analyze them, and create Dashboards and Notes to communicate your findings.
Chart / Analytics
Things You Can Do with Exploratory Server
You can publish your insights and data to the Exploratory Server in a secure way with private mode.
You can invite others by their emails or Exploratory accounts and make sure your insights and data are accessible only for those who are invited.
Those who are invited will receive invitation emails. If they don’t have Exploratory accounts they’ll be asked to create ‘Viewer’ accounts (free!) before they can open the insights and data.
Members who are invited can click the URL links inside the invitation emails and open the insights and data in their web browsers.
Chart / Analytics
Interactive Mode
You can use Interactive Parameter to filter the data and update the calculations in Dashboards, Notes, Charts, and Data.
Automate for extracting data from the data sources and transform the data by scheduling. Your data is always up-to-date even without opening Exploratory Desktop.
Schedule - Notification
You can subscribe to receive notification emails with dynamically generated preview images every time the schedule is run. You don’t even open it in the web browser!
Publish & Share Data
Every published data will have 3 views that are automatically generated to help others understand what the data is intuitively with adequate information.
Download Data from Data Catalog
Automate Data Export
You can schedule exporting the result of extracting and transforming the latest data to Google Sheets.
Insight Discovery
You can find all of your published insights and data from the My Insight page quickly.
By downloading and importing EDF (Exploratory Data Format), you can reproduce all the things you need to reproduce the final output including data wrangling steps, charts, dashboards, etc.
Team - Share
Instead of inviting each individual member, you can invite teams that contain multiple members. This will not only make it easy to share and easy to manage the user access.
Team - Publish
You can publish as a team so that any of the members of the team can edit and re-publish the insights and data, which makes it easy to collaborate as a team.
Project Share & Collaboration
By publishing a Project as Team, any member of the team can update Data, Charts, Dashboards, etc., and collaborate together.
Project Sync
The projects that have been updated by other members will have an 'Update' button. You can click the button to update the project to the latest.
Version Control
You can check the version history and restore it if you want to.
Exploratory Server (On-Prem)
In case you are not comfortable using our shared Exploratory Server (exploratory.io), you can consider the On-Prem version of Exploratory Server, which is an equivalent version of the shared Exploratory Server but you can install it on your own Linux server. (Exploratory Server On-Prem is a separate license from Exploratory Desktop.)
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