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Small Multiple
Small Multiple is a series of multiple charts each of which is showing a slice of the entire data with the shared axes and scales. It gives you an easier way to spot patterns or trends by comparing them together side by side.
Heatmap is useful when you want to visualize the relationship between pairs of two categorical columns, which helps you understand the trend and correlations among the values.
Error Bar
Error Bar chart helps you see how much you can be confident about the values presented in the chart. This becomes extremely important when you need to make critical decisions with limited or biased data.
Boxplot helps you understand not only how your data is distributed, but also how the distribution are different among groups, which helps you identify which attributes are more important to predict your business outcomes.
Map - Heatmap
Heatmap on Map helps you find where and how your interests like customers locations, events, activities are concentrated graphically at glance.
Map - Longitude / Latitude
If you have geolocation data why not visualize it quickly and find patters or outliers as part of your data exploration.
Map - GeoJSON
Every geographical data has its own shapes and lines. With Exploratory’s Open Geo Map framework you can bring your own GeoJSON files and start mapping your data quickly.
With R’s robust statistical power, you can find the hidden trends in various ways with just a click of button.
Window Calculation
Window Calculations are embedded inside Exploratory’s Chart framework, which means you can visualize Accumulative Sum (Total), Percent of Total, Percent Changes, Moving Average, etc., with just a click of button.