Finding locations from longitude/latitude data by using Google Maps APIs.
Finding locaitons from logitude/latitude data using boundary data with GeoJSON
Date / Time Aggregation
Aggregation Methods
Multiple Lines by Color
Multiple Lines by Multiple Columns
Multiple Charts by Category (Subplot)
Trend Line
Reference Line
Window Calculation Methods
Missing Values Handling
Learn what's new in Exploratory v5.0! New UI & Design, new data wrangling UIs, Decision Tree, Market Basket Analysis, K-Means Clustering, Chart Pinning, and more!
In this post, you will learn how to:

1. Install BIS Package
2. Write R Script with BIS Package to Download Data
3. Clean Up Data to Convert Text to Date
4. Visualize Data
5. Categorize Numeric Values / Create Bins
6. Handle Missing Values in Chart
Separate to Columns, Country Mapping with countrycode function, Unite Multiple Columns, Recode Country Names, Fixing Title name with if_else function, Visualizing Map with LInes, etc.
This post shows how you can configure the number formatting for various chart types.
It explains how to create a decision tree on Exploratory's Note using R packages.
This is how you can upgrade the maps when they are upgraded at Map Extension Store inside Exploratory.
Explaning how to create a Word Cloud with Exploratory Note feature.
It explains how to use GeoJSON map on Exploratory.
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