Gain Deep Insights from Stripe Data by Machine Learning and Data Exploration
Exploratory’s simple UI makes it easy to access and explore your Stripe data by quickly transforming, visualizing, and applying machine learning algorithms to gain deep insights about your customers and business.
Visual Data Exploration
You can start visualizing your Stripe data immediately with a full featured visualization ranging from the basic charts to advanced charts and maps. 
Join and Merge Data
Quickly import data from various data source like MailChimp, Intercom, Google Analytics, MongoDB, etc. and join them with your Stripe data to have a 360 degree view of your customers and business.
MRR by New, Recurring, Churn
Calculating MRR by useful segments can be hard especially when you want to normalize Yearly subscription as Monthly and separate Churn from Recurring. Exploratory’s full featured data wrangling feature makes such calculations to be constructed step by step intuitively.
Customer Retention / Churn Analysis
Understanding your customers retention and churn rates is essential to grow your businesses. Survival Analysis algorithm not only help you quickly calculate them and visualize but also find what makes them retain or churn. 
With the revolutionary forecasting algorithm ‘Prophet', you can quickly forecast your MRR, customer churn rate, customer demands, etc. like a pro, just by point and click.
Anomaly Detection
The state of art 'Anomaly Detection' algorithm helps you detect unusual refund or purchase activities. Also, you can find out which services or products are trending by country or customer segments.
Predict Customer Churn and Simulate
Machine Learning algorithms like Cox Regression helps you predict which customers will churn and simulate what action might stop them churn or even become your loyal customers. 
Customer Segmentation
By employing clustering algorithm like K-means Clustering, you can let your payment data find hidden characteristics among the customers and segment them automatically. 
Time Series Analysis
Exploratory provides a simple yet robust way to analyze your data on time series. You can calculate Running Total, Moving Average, Growth Rate, Ranks, etc. as part of data exploration with a click of button.
Start exploring your Stripe data today!