Data Science for Startup, by You
If you are running startups, you need Data Science, not Excel, to understand your customers and business better and faster. And this is not something you want to outsource because you understand your business better than anybody else.
With Exploratory’s simple UI, you can easily access various Data Science techniques and analyze any data to gain deep and immediately useful insights about your customers and business by yourself, without needing to write a single line of code.
Customer Retention Analysis
Survival Analysis algorithm helps you understand your customers retention rates, customer lifetime value, employee attrition, product maintenance cycle, on the time horizon.
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection algorithm helps you detect unusual activities like financial fraud, suspicious web site access, machine faults, etc. or evaluate the impacts of A / B Testing.
Sentiment Analysis
By understanding your customers sentiment at various social media outposts and community forums, you can engage with your customers better and cater right messages when needed. In Exploratory, you can score the sentiment either by word or by sentence.
Customer Segmentation
By employing clustering techniques like K-means Clustering, you can let data find hidden characteristics or segments of customers, employees, locations, etc. so that you can target the right audience with tailored solutions.
Correlation - Linear Regression
Linear Regression is the most favorite tool of Data Scientists. If you want to predict numeric outcome this is your best friend who is simple yet reliable the most.
Finding Similarities
Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS) helps you understand similarities of your customers, products, portfolios, locations, etc. in a visually intuitive way.
Predict and Simulate
Machine Learning algorithms like Cox Regression help you understand what makes your customer churn or become loyal customers, what contributes product failures a given time horizon, but also predict when the expected events to happen.
Time Series Analysis
Exploratory provides a simple yet robust way to analyze your data on time series. You can calculate Running Total, Moving Average, Growth Rate, Ranks, etc. as part of data exploration with a click of button.